Sunday, May 24, 2009

eDocs & the UIS Office of Disability Services

Kim Rutherford, Learning Specialist with the UIS Office of Disability Services (ODS), describes her use of eDocs in providing material in an alternative format to students:

"eDocs has revolutionized our alternate format delivery process. Before, we had to either email huge files to students, have them come in and save it on their flash drives, or other methods which were time consuming for both student and staff. Now, when the material is ready for the student, all we have to do is upload to eDocs and send them a link, instead of several emails or setting up a time to meet to transfer material to a flash drive.

I could praise eDocs all day long for what it has done for our students and text conversion, we have been waiting a long time for something this simple and efficient.

eDocs is simple, fast, effective, and has truly revolutionized our alternate format process. We are able to process material at a much faster rate, and deliver it so quickly.

My students have told me how much of a difference eDocs has made to them because they receive their material easily and quickly, from any computer at any time.

Simply stated…. eDocs is a dream come true for ODS."

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