Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oakley's top ten reasons for liking eDocs

Having thought about all of the functionality of the eDocs system at UIS, here are my "top ten" reasons for liking eDocs:
  1. Disk storage accessible from any networked computer simply by using a web browser.
  2. WebDAV enables eDocs to be mounted as a virtual drive on the local desktop.
  3. Instructor can create private folders for each student in an online class - useful for exchange of files and feedback.
  4. Uses Active Directory for access - also for sharing files and folders with other UIS users.
  5. Provides "guest tickets" for non-UIS users.
  6. Great for sharing large files with others - files that are too large to send as e-mail attachments.
  7. Everyone at UIS has access to their own personal webserver (used for course websites, e-portfolios, etc.).
  8. Integrates seamlessly with Blackboard.
  9. Excellent practice to back-up important files on the eDocs server (which itself is backed-up on other U of I campuses).
  10. Completely self-managed - users can create folders, set permissions, share files with others, etc., without the need for assistance from tech support staff.
Honorable mention:
  1. Logging enables tracking access to individual files.
  2. Versioning, combined with check-out & check-in, enables multiple users to collaborate on editing a document.
  3. Bookmarking provides quick access to files and folders in eDocs.
  4. Essentially eliminates the need to carry around a USB flash memory drive.

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