Sunday, May 24, 2009

My own use of eDocs

I am a real believer in using the eDocs system at UIS. It is very powerful!
  • I back-up important files on the eDocs server.
  • I have a website for my online class on the eDocs server - with all the important handouts.
  • I store all the mp3 files for my podcasts on the eDocs server (and I track the downloads using the logging feature).
  • I share large files with others by uploading them to eDocs and simply sharing the URL's.
  • I use the Blackboard integration to link to large files (such as tutorials created using Jing) that are stored on the eDocs server.
  • I return graded papers to the students in my online class in private folders in my filespace on the eDocs server.
  • I store a huge number of digital photos on the eDocs server; I include a photo with each posting in Blackboard.

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