Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sharing eDocs files and folders with others at UIS

Files and folders in eDocs can be shared with UIS faculty, staff, and students. Permissions can be set to allow others to view and/or edit files. This is a great alternative to sending e-mail attachments - in fact, when files are too large to be sent as e-mail attachments, this is the preferred way to send these files to others (upload to eDocs, send an e-mail note with the path to the file).

When sharing multiple files with another individual, it is easiest to put these files in a folder and then share the entire folder.

Access can be set to be "read-only" or "read-write-delete" or even full access, which is "read-write-delete-administer".

Since eDocs uses the UIS Active Directory, it is simple to select an individual with whom to share a file or folder.

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