Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sharing resources within a class

Dr. Beverly Bunch is an Associate Professor in the Public Administration program , with a joint appointment in the Center for State Policy and Leadership. She uses eDocs extensively in the courses that she teaches.

In her online Intergovernmental Relations Course, the students prepare a presentation (PowerPoint with narration) and then upload the file to their eDocs area. They then post the link in the discussion forum in Blackboard. Students then review the presentations of students in their small group (3 people) and give feedback. Sudents will then revise their presentations and submit for grading and viewing by the whole class.

In her blended Nonprofit and Governmental Public Financial Management course, the students post an audio recording (made using Audacity) in their eDocs area and then put the link in the discussion board so others students could listen to the audios. The students also work in small groups to prepare training materials to be put on a Facebook page. The students use their eDocs area to host some of the files that they then link to their Facebook pages.

The Financial Management course that Dr. Bunch teaches also works in small groups to edit a file that she had uploaded to her eDocs area.

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