Sunday, May 24, 2009

Private files can be accessed from anywhere

eDocs can be used to back-up private files - this is most easily done using the private folder. This provides an extra level of security, having important files backed-up on a remote server. As an example, faculty can back-up their online class in Blackboard, and store the zip file in their private folder on eDocs.

Being able to access files from any networked computer eliminates the need to carry around a USB flash memory drive (also known as a "thumb drive", a disk-on-key, a "jump" drive, etc.). A faculty member can create a PowerPoint presentation in his or her office, and then access it from a computer in the classroom. A student can always have access to the latest version of a research paper that he or she is writing.

When a users logs-on to a computer in a classroom or a lab at UIS, their eDocs storage is mounted as a network drive automatically (see posting about WebDAV above).

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