Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sharing eDocs files and folders with others outside of UIS

eDocs provides the ability to share files with individuals who are not listed in the UIS Active Directory - this is done by issuing a "Guest Ticket". Think of this as a ticket that someone uses to enter a baseball park - it gives an individual access to a specific resource. The ticket can be created within the eDocs web interface - it is simply a URL (in a scrambled form) that points to the file or folder. The ticket can be for "read-only" access or for "read-write-delete" access. After creating the ticket, it can be sent via e-mail to the individual(s) that you want to access the file or folder.

Tickets can be for a finite period of time (for example, set to expire in 30 days) or they can be forever. For additional security, the owner can even specify a password for a ticket during the creation process.

The following is an example of the e-mail sent by eDocs after a ticket has been created:

Use the following links to access the corresponding files:

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